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NAYA INDIA- 12 years hence.

Naya India, a national Hindi daily, was first printed on 16th May 2010. The beginning was independent – and produly continues to be- with no allegiance to any political party or corporate house. Started by Hari Shankar Vyas, a pioneering Journalist with more that 30 years experience, NAYA INDIA abides to the core principle of free and nonpartisan Journalism.

With no allegiance of any kind or form, but heavily laden with intellectual depth and veracity, NAYA INDIA is a newspaper with a soul. With a belief in providing independence to the journalists and writers, NAYA INDIA offers diverse opinions ranging from left to right. In our durable slogan, also out motto ‘Bebaak, bedaak, bemisaal (बेबाक, बेधड़क, बेमिसाल)’, is thus etched the old ethos for the new time. It has meaning beyond the literal. It reflects a belief in integrity, fairness and disciplined judgment about the significance of events — qualities that have only grown in importance as the world of news has changed with terrible speed lately, particularly in the last five years.

It also reminds us that the job of the journalist is to make it their business to find out what is going on under the surface and beyond the horizon, to infer, to deduce, to imagine, and to guess what is going on inside, what this meant yesterday, and what it could mean tomorrow. Undeniably the last five years for the media has been aggressively tough, particularly for NAYA INDIA.

But the editorial courage and the unwavering passion of the editor, inspires everyone working and writing for NAYA INDIA to work and just do our duty- our duty to provide and inform about the news and the Newsmakers. To undertake the responsibility of processing the maligned raw news so as to make it intelligible and to reveal its significance in the ‘post truth’ time.

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